Our Aim

Our aim

Our aim is to give women more control about how IVF is performed. As an alternative to conventional IVF, we offer a more natural way of obtaining oocytes for IVF, without the burden and risks of systemic ovarian stimulation with gonadotropins. Our new disruptive technology — CAPA-IVF — requires only two days of hormone stimulation or none of all, thus avoiding risks and side reactions for the patients.

CAPA-IFV can also be used to preserve fertility in women who have gynecological cancers and would like to preserve their fertility.

In addition, women between 30-34 years who would like to freeze their eggs for future fertility preservation (social freezing) may use CAPA to mature their eggs without going through 10-20 days of systemic ovarian stimulation.

Who may benefit from the CAPA-IVF method?

  • Infertile women who are in need of fertility treatment and are interested in a safer more natural way without the burden of systemic ovarian stimulation
  • Female cancer patients who are scheduled for chemotherapy or radiation and wishing to preserve their fertility